The Lexi

The Lexi uses 10mm flat glitter leather, with Swarovski Crystal sliders  star sliders.  The bracelet has a magnetic clasp. 

I have named this bracelet after a beautiful, young and inspiring model, ,entrepreneur, and mother, Lexi Placourakis!  I want to thank her with all my heart, and for giving me the privilege and honor of naming one of my handmade bracelets after her!  Lexi, also, thank you for the gorgeous pictures of yourself wearing The Lexi, and for endorsing my product!  xoxox

The Lexi is a stunning, sexy, desirable, and elegant bracelet.  The Swarovski Crystals give off a glamorous and beautiful sparkle.  Definitely a glam-worthy and chic statement piece!  Feel like a Goddess wearing this beauty!  Perfect accessory for a formal or casual occasion.  Receive endless compliments with this exquisite bracelet!

Available in assorted colors.  

To pick appropriate size, measure your wrist with no space and pick option that best suits your wrist size.


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